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Members of the Board of Directors use their varied expertise and experience to promote and support the activities of JABSOM by unifying all physician alumni, establishing ties between the classes and promoting relationships with the medical students, resident physicians, faculty and staff, and the local community.

Members serve on the following committees: Alumni Recognition Awards, Las Vegas CME, and Reunion.

Board of Directors

Richard Kasuya, M.D. ‘89
808 692-0940
Ryon Nakasone, M.D. ‘06
Vice President
Christie Izutsu, M.D. ‘11
Gina Fujikami, M.D. ‘08


David Horio, MD ‘69
Chuck Kelley, MD ‘86
Todd Kuwaye, MD ‘97
Jordan Lee, MD ‘10
Kristi Lopez, MD ‘08
Kenric Murayama, MD ‘85
Kenneth Ortiz, MD ‘14
Stefanie Park, MD ‘04
Jayson Takata, MD ‘91
Mike Tom, MD ‘13
Michael Yim, MD ‘13
Geri Young, MD ‘78

Emeritus Board Members

Kheng See Ang, MD ‘82
Patricia Blanchette, MD ‘79
Elizabeth Char, MD ‘91
William Haning, MD ‘75
Janice Matsunaga, MD ‘80
Ivy Nip-Asano, MD ‘94
Sada Okumura, MD ‘75
Kenn Saruwatari, MD ‘81

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